What is the Health Action Partnership? 

The Jefferson County Health Action Partnership is a coalition of more than 80 organizations and agencies working together to make Jefferson County, Alabama, a healthier place to live, learn, work and play. Watch the video, then keep reading below to find out more.


How did we get started?

In 2006, the Jefferson County Department of Health (JCDH) conducted a comprehensive assessment of the public health system in Jefferson County. After meetings across the community, including key organizations, JCDH developed Our Community Roadmap to Health.

In 2007, with strong support from United Way of Central Alabama, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and UAB School of Public Health, JCDH led the development of the Health Action Partnership. The purpose of this coalition was to implement the various goals outlined in the Roadmap.

What have we achieved together?

A partnership has the unique power to weave together collaborative efforts large and small to drive collective impact. On the large scale, grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation totaling more than $13.5 million have helped the Health Action Partnership take major steps toward reducing obesity and tobacco use in the county. On a smaller scale, the Health Action Partnership has helped foster community-based collaborations and mobilize local support to drive community change. Here are some of our achievements.

How are we moving forward?

In 2014, the Jefferson County Department of Health led another public health system assessment,  called Community Matters 20/20.  The results of that comprehensive, community-informed assessment was a new Jefferson County Community Health Improvement Plan.  The Health Action Partnership has shaped its current priority areas around the community priorities in this plan. Several of the priorities build on the past work of the partnership, while others are taking the partnership in new directions.

The current priority areas are:

– Promote Physical Well-Being through Healthy Lifestyles

– Optimize the Built Environment, Transportation System, and Safety

– Improve Mental Health

– Reduce Health Disparities Associated with Race, Ethnicity and Economics

– Optimize Health Care Access, Availability and Utilization

Priority Groups for each of these five areas include a wide array of Health Action partners, working together around shared objectives and strategies to improve community health in Jefferson County. A Health Action Partnership Leadership Team works with Priority Groups to shape strategic plans, build collaborations and connect with resources.

To learn more about the focus and progress of each Priority Group, click here: Priority Groups


How can I join?

If you are not already a Health Action Partner, and would like to learn how to get involved, send an e-mail to healthaction@uwca.org.  To speak to someone directly, contact Kadie Peters at (205) 458-2168. The Partnership welcomes as potential partners any agency, organization or group with a stake in the health of the community, including governmental, private non-profit, business, faith-based and community-based organizations. Membership is currently offered at no cost but involves the commitment to serve as an active member of a Health Action Partnership Priority Group. Most Health Action Partnership events and workshops are open to the general public.

For more on how the Health Action Partnership is structured, see our Articles of Collaboration:  HAP Articles of Collaboration Approved Revision 9 30 14